Low Sperm Count: The Causes And How To Improve It

Low sperm count is a problem for a number of men that results in their inability to easily reproduce. Sometimes there are totally no sperms in the man’s ejaculate, and other times the number of sperms are very low which can result in infertility. The causes of this are varied but can be categorized as Medical, Environmental, and Lifestyle.

Medical causes

Medical causes may include infections that affect the production of sperm or that will cause blockage in the passage of the sperm so that they do not get out of the body. Sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea and HIV can cause infections that can either block the urethra or directly affect the testicles leading to low sperm production.

Sometimes people may have hormonal imbalances that affect the production of sperm. The glands that are responsible for hormone production can fail to produce the necessary hormones for sperm production and that can lead to infertility.

Cancers can also hinder the production of sperm especially cancers of the sexual glands and organs at times also treatment like chemotherapy to treat cancers can be the cause of low sperm count or total infertility.

At times it can just be an inherited medical condition. Some people have chromosome defects which lead to poor development of their male reproductive system which can result in inability to produce sperm.

Environmental causes

The environment we live in has a lot of conditions that can end up causing low sperm count. For example, people who work in factories with highly radioactive chemicals are more likely to end up infertile after prolonged exposure to such environmental factors.

The testicles are supposed to be kept at a favorable temperature but sometimes as a result of environmental factors or even the clothing some men wear, the temperatures may rise. Long exposure to heat for the testicles affects the production of sperm and can lead to infertility.

Farmers who continuously use pesticides with strong chemicals are also at risk of ending up with low sperm count as these pesticides can affect the production of sperm.

Lifestyle causes

The kind of life people choose to live can also affect their sperm count. Generally, this has to do with healthy living or in this case unhealthy habits.

Smoking and drinking are known to affect a number of bodily functions and the production of sperms is one of them over drinking of alcohol and the use of tobacco and some other narcotic drugs can reduce the number of sperms as well as cause other health complications.

Inactivity and eating too much especially of unhealthy foods will have a general effect on the body and the testicles are no exception.

Sperms need protein to be produced and choosing to cut out protein intake can reduce the production of sperm. Some diets to reduce weight involve cutting out protein and this will affect sperm production.

Ways to improve fertility

All hope is not lost if you have a low sperm count. It is possible to improve fertility with the following measures.

The first thing is to identify the cause of the low sperm count. It is best to contact a medical professional who will identify the cause and probably provide medication to change that. Sometimes it may involve surgery. Eating healthy is also a good way to improve fertility. Find foods that are known to improve fertility like nuts and fruits. Giving up smoking and detoxing the body is also very necessary to encourage sperm production. Avoid hot baths as it is important to keep the testicles cool; heat will kill your sperm.

Generally, once you identify the cause of infertility, it is much easier to address the problem.

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